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Embrace the BITCH Within

Embrace the BITCH Within

BITCH is Denise’s acronym for “Being In Total Connection with Herself”

Follow one woman’s journey as she transitions from NPS, the Need to Please Syndrome, to embracing the BITCH within, Being In Total Connection with Herself-through her life experiences before the diagnosis of cancer, and how she found the tools she needed to heal from the inside out.

Denise has been an ordained minister since 1987. She has been a certified sign language interpreter since 1996. Working with the deaf and hard of hearing community has been a wonderful blessing, though her devotion to her career caused some imbalance in her life and health.

In 2001 she was diagnosed with a fast-spreading, deadly form of cancer. She realized, through this crisis, that you must heal all of the self, not just the body. After becoming licensed as a massage therapist in 2008 and completing her Doctor of Divinity degree in 2009, she credits getting cancer as a blessing—teaching her to take responsibility for her own choices.


Read about the tools she used to heal herself from the inside out.

Quick but powerful read!

This book is about internal reflection. Taking a good hard look at yourself and taking responsibility for all the choices that you make in your life. Never blaming, but looking at our own experiences as a blessing. 
You don’t have to come face to face with death to begin to embrace who you really are and feel a full connection from within. As women, we have ingrained within us that being called a bitch is negative. This book takes that negative and transforms it to a positive. 
Embrace the BITCH.

Now available on Amazon, Kindle, your local book stores and libraries!

Now available on Amazon!  Available in paperback, hardcover and Kindle!

Check out Balboa Press! Their parent company is Hay House.

Also available on ebook at Balboa’s bookstore.

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