Wife, Mother, Sister, Lover, Author, Speaker, Mystic, Healer….

Meet Denise


I became an ordained minister in 1987 while pregnant for my first child. I was very much involved with my church which I talk in more detail about in Embrace the BITCH Within.

I have been a contracted freelance sign language interpreter since 1996. Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people has been a wonderful blessing for me. I was so into my career, however, that I didn’t recognize that I was out of balance. In 2001 I was diagnosed with a fast spreading deadly form of cancer. This experience helped me to realize that there is much more to healing than just healing the body. To me, getting cancer was a blessing because it started me on a journey of learning about the human body and psyche.

The first steps of my journey were to learn yoga. I started my personal practice almost right after the diagnosis. My yoga instructor recognized my teaching ability and encouraged me to become a certified yoga instructor. This was very rewarding for me. I have been teaching yoga and breath work since 2005. Learning about the basics of the human body and the spiritual body in my yoga studies lead me to Reiki. I devoured the Reiki trainings and completed the Reiki Master Trainer certification in 2006 at a Massage Therapy School. Wanting to learn more about energy healing I also took a Quantum Touch workshop in 2007. My studies lead to learning about vibrational healing through essential oils. So I decided to take a Rain Drop Therapy class through Young Living at the Massage Therapy School. Practicing this technique on friends and family allowed me to see how powerful the body responds to this type of therapy. There was much more to the human body than what we can see with the human eye.

Expanding on my own studies and practice I incorporated meditation and experienced for myself the healing power of meditation. I learned many forms of meditation and then started using Hemi-Sync technology. Feeling the power of opening up communication between the mind and the subconscious was, well, the best I can say is “mind blowing”. These realizations led me to study the Psychology of human behavior and thought.

Then I made the jump. I enrolled in a 500 hour massage therapy program and completed my training in 2008. This long awaited step led me to more fascination about the human body. Anatomy and physiology was my favorite subject. Within the program I learned about Reflexology, deep tissue, various forms of massage techniques and hypnotherapy. I continued my education even before completing massage school by learning Craniosacral Therapy. After completing massage school, I took more classes, including Myofacial Release, Medical Massage, Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, Bowen Technique and Muscle Release Technique. I had a thirst for knowledge and still do.

After passing my certification test and receiving my license, I decided to complete my Doctor of Divinity degree in April of 2009. Having studied in the Theocratic Ministry School for 15 years and also studying Buddhist Zen philosophy for 10 years, I thought it was time to complete this long awaited accomplishment. This rewarding experience has allowed me to do spiritual counseling for many clients that come to see me from all over the Chicago metro area.

I believe we are all here to help and serve each other.

I have had my own private practice since 2008 and my office is currently located in Sycamore, Illinois

Inner Harmony Massage Therapy & Intuitive Services

Contact Denise at denise.vanvliet6@gmail.com or call 630-802-8793

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