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What an amazing journey it has been with the release of my second book.


Now available is the book trailer for The Way of the Modern Mystic.


Local Authors book signing event at Barnes and Noble in DeKalb, Illinois on March 10th, 2012 from Noon to 4pm.

Barnes and Noble DeKalb
2439 Sycamore Road, DeKalb, IL
March 10th
Noon to 4pm

I was just pondering our experiences. With the recent death of Whitney Houston and thinking about her experiences, was she a victim of her experiences? How many of us would have loved to have had her experiences?

Many of the good experiences that we have throughout our life time, we embrace those and cherish those, and sometimes live in the past and wish we can live those experiences again. Then we have bad experiences. We tend to push those experiences away, or blame others for our experiences. So, say we had an experience of abuse as a child, or we experience something that caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or something along those lines. What happens in our body, when we push those experiences away, or blame others for the experience that we had, is we become a victim of our experiences.

We never become a victim of our experiences that we label as good. Those we will embrace and we accept as they are and they become a part of us. But those experiences that we label as bad, we tend to push away. As soon as we push that experience away, we become a victim of it. We must accept all of our experiences in order to connect with who we really are. It’s easier said than done, I understand that, because I’ve had experiences where I had to personally challenge my beliefs toward. But once I changed my beliefs, and embraced those experiences as a part of me, and thanked those experiences, I was no longer a victim of my experiences. For example, I’ve experienced rape, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse at different points in my life, and I was well on the path of being the victim.

For many years I was the victim and did not embrace my experiences as a part of me, as part of who I am, and part of what the Universe was trying to show me. I was the victim of those experiences. But I began to thank ALL of my experiences. Of course I thanked the experiences that I labeled as good, that was easy. But those experiences that we label as bad, we will push away. Again, as soon as we label those experiences as bad and push away, we are now a victim of those experiences. So instead of pushing those away, start to analyze your beliefs toward them. Are you labeling an experience as bad?  Why are you labeling it as bad? Because someone told you that it was bad? So we can begin to rise above our experiences. That is just what they are, experiences. Avoid labeling that experience as good and that other experience as bad. They are all our human experiences, and that is why we come to this physical realm is to experience and have as many different contrasting experiences as we can. That what being a Human Being is all about. The experience of being Human.

We tend to look for some kind of meaning in everything. Rather than trying to find meaning in everything, we can begin to find ways to express what it is we are connecting to. I had some realization this morning and thinking about how we are constantly looking outside ourselves and looking for meaning. “What does this mean?” “What does that mean?” “The Universe must be sending me some kind of meaning.”

What I’m noticing within myself and others is we are finding connections from our internal world and trying to connect to our external world. The symbols of our internal world are connecting with our external world. And instead of expressing this connection, to make that connection, we dismiss or suppress what is happening inside and look for meaning only in our external world. So we never bridge that gap between the internal world and our external world.

It’s like looking at the sky and asking why is the sky blue or what is the meaning of that? Instead there is an internal connection to the sky and instead of looking only for meaning, find a way to express the connection that is being made internally to the external world.

“The Sky is expansive, open, free, above.”

Find ways to express that connection instead of dismissing that internal reaching out to the external to make that connection. We just dismiss that and instead we look at the sky and say, “why is the sky blue?” Then we get feelings of discord, such as, “I’m afraid of the sky, I might fall, it’s too expansive and I’m fearful.” We can instead find that internal connection. Your internal world is making a direct connection with your external world.

Begin to express that connection between your worlds. Build the bridge of connection.

Join Denise VanVliet as she dispels the mysteries of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. What it is, how it can benefit you, and what to expect during a Cranio-Sacral therapy treatment session.

Denise is a licensed massage therapist and has been a certified Cranio-Sacral therapist since 2008. She has seen first hand how Cranio-Sacral Therapy can be effective in the facilitation of the body’s ability to heal itself.

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Kindred Spirits Intuitive Arts Center

                   4025 US RT 34, Oswego, Illinois 60543  630-554-1111

This is a perfect opportunity to also join us for the Mind Body Spirit Fair that will be going on concurrently.



What a way to start off the new year to learn that my first published book is now available on Kindle Lending Book Club!


There are also a couple of new reviews! 2012 started off with a wonderful surprise! Thank you!!!


Kindle Lending Book Club

Now back to finishing up editing the second book to hopefully get submitted to the publisher by the end of the week!

I’m so excited! Some reviews are already starting to come in for my first book Embrace the BITCH Within. This first one was sent to me personally:

“Your book arrived yesterday in the  mail from Amazon; I read it last night.
It was wonderful–I am recommending it to family and friends.
I plan to order extra copies as gifts.
  I wanted to thank you so much–for INSPIRING me–
  …I really enjoyed your book, I know the subjects you talked about;
it was nice the way you put it together and created your story; an Awesome
creation–a reflection of you as a Human Being [haha–couldn’t resist]!!
Best wishes along the path you have chose[n].

Blessings & Love,

This one was posted on my Facebook Page:

“Just read your book on my Nook. It was great!!

It will be a book that I will go back and read it time and time again.

Thanks  LG”

And my first review on Amazon!

“There are a lot of popular books on Amazon about the benefits of being the stereotypical bitch, but in this case the word BITCH is an acronym for Being in Total Connection with Herself.

In her book, Embrace the Bitch Within, Denise Van Vliet wants to share with you how she survived cancer and how she healed herself so that if you are in the same situation or are struggling with life issues, her wisdom and experiences can help you. Denise shares her wisdom as a healer so that you can make positive changes in your life that will enable you to achieve physical wellness and emotional well-being.

Denise had an epiphany in her life…that there is a profound and toxic syndrome which most women in our society suffer from, the Need to Please Syndrome. Girls are raised to please everyone and then as women we subjugate our own needs and this syndrome, which she calls NPS, sacrifices our health and wellness as we solely focus on pleasing others and not taking the best care of ourselves.

The life-changing moment for Denise was when, at 35, she was diagnosed with cancer. As a cancer survivor, her book shares her survival story and how she found that healing must come from within. As women, Denise shares with us, that we must not let negative outside influences impact us emotionally as this can cause illness within us.

Denise is very enthusiastic, purposeful and motivational and her book is very easy to read. I highly recommend this ebook to any women as we all need to become a BITCH and that the true path to emotional and physical health is to be totally in connection with ourselves.”

It’s amazing the feeling when you discover your purpose. Helping women connect to who they really are! Powerful, creative and amazing Beings!

It’s been quite a journey! But Embrace the BITCH Within is finally released!! Now available in hard cover, soft cover and Kindle! You can find it at your local book store and library!


I’m having so much fun, we’ve created a book trailer!


One thing I did not expect was to be censored because of the book title. But hey, I embrace who I really am and don’t let other peoples insecurities affect me.

Here is a link to the trailer….enjoy and please share!

Embrace the BITCH Within Book Trailer