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The Way of the Modern Mystic

So many of us right now have this overwhelming feeling of a shift in consciousness, many are now on the path to Awakening. The first commonality of becoming a Mystic or to Awakening is this shift in consciousness. All of the Mystics of the past talk about this shift in consciousness. 
The Way of the Modern Mystic points those that are feeling this shift in consciousness in the direction of embracing and allowing this shift.

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Reviews are already coming in!

‘Denise VanVliet openly shares her experiences and realizations to guide
and help others along their own path. Unique and creative expressions of her
own learned messages from the Universe are delivered in an enjoyable and playful
style with potent teachings to inspire a sense of mystery and wonder in all of us.’
Jacqueline Anderson LMT, CBS, BSN, MNH

‘I recommend this writing for both Mystics, those just discovering a path, and anyone at various places on that road of awakening. This three-dimensional earth is a purposeful illusion. Through personal experiences and historical narrative, Denise very cogently aides the reader in dissolving the illusory veil people and societies have built between our lives here and now and the Truth. This is an enlightening and unencumbering read.’
Doug Clack
Spirit Helper

‘It has been said that perception is reality. During the fleeting time that we wear these bodies, truth can be found in that statement, as our perceptions of ourselves and all that is around us, help us create what we deem to be reality. The Way of the Modern Mystic may change your perceptions of Mystics, and/or of yourself, and thereby change your reality.’

Rev. Dr Jeff Bentley

“Denise VanVliet has been a funnel for so much ‘waking up’ in this lifetime for
me! From the first afternoon we spent together, so many doors have been blown
wide open for me in terms of spirit/psychic/energy awareness, my own ‘gifts’,
and possibilities of the Universe and how it works. She is definitely a
teacher/partner/friend that I am honored to have in this experience. Do yourself
a favor….let her knock your spiritual block off, and enjoy the experience of
reassembling in the way you are meant to be. Love and Light!”

Rob Russo

VanVliet joins an ever-growing genre of spiritual mysticism with her book “The Way of the Modern Mystic: One who Sees the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.” What makes this different, at least to this reader, is the simplicity of the language and definitions within the book.

Too often books like this contain great insight that get lost in confusing terms and rare verbiage. I found this book to be easy to read and easier to apply to my view of myself and the world around me. One of the key realizations of the book that I took away was, ” We will no longer need any religious or spiritual guidance from outside ourselves, for it already reside within us.”

This sentence in particular resonated within the depths of my soul as I’ve often struggled with the notion of spiritual guidance. I look forward to re-reading this book and continuing to awaken the mystic within.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by Regina Norlinde on her Radio Show Embrace Your Uniqueness. How appropriate and a wonderful unfolding considering the name of my first book, Embrace the BITCH Within.

I had a wonderful time during this interview and if you missed it, you can catch the replay on her BlogTalk Radio site.

Would love to hear your comments on the show. I will be posting a link with my interview with Sherrie Dillard as soon as it’s available.

Much love and Embrace the BITCH!

Dowsing Tools for Healing

Read up on my most recent post on LightWorkersWorld.com. There is a 45 video presentation I did for the Midwest Dowsers Association on how I use dowsing tools for healing. Please post your comments as well. Would love to hear your thoughts.

The presentation is divided into 3 parts.

Dowsing Tools for Healing